Friday, April 21, 2006

What Next?

Almost one month of absence have returned. In the past month I finished school (yeah!) however I am going to take some summer courses so I won’t miss OCAD that much. Besides being to busy to type words into blogger I have sorted through my computer, bedroom and mind. Every year after school ends I seem to clean up everything after months of neglect. By busting hard drive had a good 150 GB of crap on it. Although this left me with a refreshed feeling It has led to more things to do. After going through all my stuff I have realized I have a bookmark list, folder of articles and a large stack of books that are all MUST READS. This is really starting to stress me out. I thought that the hard work was over, but it seams it has just begun.

One great example of this is my struggle to start researching my thesis. My old habit of not being able to make decisions has crept back into my head. What subject will I choose? Well I have realized the importance of this project and the way in which it will define my life for a year and my work for a good 5 years afterwards. The pressure is building, but I just shrug it off.

In the past week of my “Unofficial Vacation” I have been scouring the web and have found sooooo much great stuff. One of which was this video that I found only a few minutes ago. At first it looked like another webcam disaster however just watch it. This is truly MUST READ (or must see).