Thursday, July 27, 2006


Recently I have been reading Noah Brier’s blog (a really insightful blog with unique content). He posted a link recently to another blog called chartreuse (beta). This is the first that I have seen or heard of this blog but it appears to be a big hit.

The blogger known as chartreuse is being hyped as a mysterious man who is intent on capturing rock star notoriety for his blogging. He is affiliated with another company called 1938 media (new media talent agency), which is hyping him like mad. This is a really bizarre thing and I can’t quite put my finger on what the deal is with this guy, but my first suspicion is that it is an Internet publicity stunt and the guy in this video, Loren Feldman is the so called chartreuse. See for yourself!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Joy of Spontaneity

After a long absence I am returning to the blog. I have had some time to re-organize my thoughts and will hopefully be starting to blog on my thesis very soon. I just have to finish this damn essay on Digg.

This is also my first post using the new Flock, which I am really liking more then the previous version.

The reason I am posting is because I have realized that no matter how much planning and thinking about something you do, tere is something so satisfying about something spontaneous. Just last night I listened to a 1.5 hour lecture from Stanford jsut because it happened to be on my iTunes playlist. I never usually do this but somehting was just so unexpected about this that I had to.

I am really going to try and just let things happen from now on. The best things in life cannot be plannned.

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