Sunday, March 19, 2006

When I'm 64(0)?

Well after a weekend of procrastination I finally accomplished something (or at least felt like I did). Today I met with Ben and Brad to discuss our project in “Flow” class. We are working on developing new lighting for the city of Toronto to save energy and prevent the orb of light that covers our city (light pollution). We developed some interesting ideas on layering light and creating light that is in a constant state of change. It was a definite step in the right direction. However we are spending more time producing presentations and maps for our Profs than actually producing meaningful work. It is getting frustrating. Hopefully we can produce some great results despite the situation. The project is really a great step in the right direction towards realizing a sustainable and efficient system.

Then as I was flipping through my RSS feeds (I’m totally addicted to information), I found an interesting link. The BBC article discusses a new theory by a Cambridge geneticist Aubrey de Grey. Although he looks like a wacko (who am I to judge) he speculates that not only will people be able to live to be 1000 but that this person may exist today and could possibly already be in their 60’s! This idea is fascinating to me. Here we are just going about our lives like there is an end but is there really? As I discussed in my last post we are consuming continually and without any guilt (at least not the majority). So what will happen when we actually are affected by the consequences of our actions?

Maybe then people will wake up!

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Denise said...

In our class with Alex Manu, the group researching Human Augmentation brought that article into class and used it in their presentation. After they finished Alex pulled out his lighter, lit the article on fire and let it drop to the floor so we could all watch it burn. Then he proceeded to pronounce the idea 'total bullshit'.

Nate A said...

well he is the expert

Kelly said...

a slightly more credible and interesting source on this subject (infinite life) is Ray Kurzweil. The decay of the corporeal body as it exists today will probably not be solved by technology for a long time yet, but Kurzweil's vision - which is uncomfortable for me at best - is the merging of the human mind with the computer to achieve cognitive immortality. He refers to this union as "the singularity." I think the topic is discussed in-depth in his book The Singularity Is Near. His blog is - check it.

ps. love your bloggy blog.