Monday, July 24, 2006

The Joy of Spontaneity

After a long absence I am returning to the blog. I have had some time to re-organize my thoughts and will hopefully be starting to blog on my thesis very soon. I just have to finish this damn essay on Digg.

This is also my first post using the new Flock, which I am really liking more then the previous version.

The reason I am posting is because I have realized that no matter how much planning and thinking about something you do, tere is something so satisfying about something spontaneous. Just last night I listened to a 1.5 hour lecture from Stanford jsut because it happened to be on my iTunes playlist. I never usually do this but somehting was just so unexpected about this that I had to.

I am really going to try and just let things happen from now on. The best things in life cannot be plannned.

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