Sunday, September 24, 2006

Movie Recommendation (Or How to Occupy Your Time As You Procrastonate)

Film is a captivating and inspiring medium when done well. I watched two great examples this weekend and thought I would spread the word.

1) The first was small indie film called "Hard Candy". This film is a truly unique film which I guarantee is different from any film you have ever seen. The movie starts normally enough and transcends into an intriguing dialogue between the two characters who remain the only characters for the majority of the film. Smart and snappy dialogue is paired with beautiful images. Worthwhile checking out.

2) The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a very interesting and captivating documentary on the fore-mentioned Johnston. This film is a very unique look at the creative process and the role of madness. Throughout his career Johnston has made amazing steps towards fame and seemingly simultaneously sabotaged his success. Very good film, highly recommended.

Photo by: Sanand Om

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