Saturday, September 23, 2006

my world almost ended today!

My life was not in danger, nor were there guns but rather by blog list folder was deleted. I find it amazing how dependent on technology we are today. A collection of blogs almost ruined my day! Luckily i have my history from the past week and will be sorting through this to find all my favourite ones.

Go check out day 4 of the Day by Day project that i will be posting later today!

{EDIT: On sunday I discovered I had actually just moved the folder into another folder my mistake.}


alexsethalex said...

in the adbusters, there is a comic that your comment reminded me of. It's picture of a dead guy hanging and there is a woman telling another woman that she has no clue what his last words were because his usb key didn't work on her computer.

london said...

hmm you could go to the scarborough bluff's on a rainy day.. i'm told it's quite dramatic.. or woodbine beach on a sunny day and take a picture of the water... it turns this amazing aquamarine colour.. or.. you can go to agincourt ci (it's a highschool.. so go on the weekends incase you get reported as a 'intruder') and take a picture of the overgrown weeds under the bleechers.

Nate A said...

thanks for the suggestions london. I'll defintly try and check them out. sounds like you have a beef with agincourt ci!